Who & Why Deborah Marling?

Deborah Marling is in her words:

the incredibly blessed mom of three daughters who radiate beauty from the inside out! With two in university & the third on her way my life is constantly in transition ! I have been married for almost 25 years to Brian the consummate entrepreneur & adventurer – truly my soul mate! I count & cherish my blessings everyday!

She has been blessed in developing her coaching “tool-box” through a life full of varied experiences including cross-cultural living, working with city youth, developing & running a large children’s program in a local church setting, recruiting and training volunteers & developing a number of businesses with her husband Brian, including their current mortgage business.

Deborah is extremely passionate about helping you discover your “money mindset” & moving you forward into a place of Fitness & Purposeful living in all things Financial. Finances affect every area of our lives, including relationships, careers, charity & more! Deborah has experienced varying degrees of financial stress in her life due to circumstances beyond her control, which propelled her and her husband Brian to lay down Financial Fitness principles early on in their relationship.

Through the use of powerful questions, in depth analysis, systems that work, goal setting & more, working with Deborah will put you on a path towards financial literacy & fitness!

As well, Deborah is Passionate & Purposeful in her life about finding a way to help others discover their Passion & Purpose. Are you wondering what your purpose in life is, and desire to make change but not sure when, what or how? Do you dream about doing what you were created to do and being who you were created to be, but feeling like you have gotten off track? Are you curious about the difference life planning, goal setting and personality awareness could potentially have in your day to day life? Discover the power of purpose & passion through the relationship of coaching.

Deborah is gifted at coaching you through times of transition with the goal of thriving vs. merely surviving! Whether your life is in transition due to family issues, career changes, physical location or parenting changes, transition is something you need to come to terms with. Why not become an expert at transition and do so with someone who is encouraging, inspiring, empathic and creative, as well as gifted in the art of adaptation!

“discover the power of coaching in your life..."

Contact: coach@deborahmarling.com or (905) 372-7222