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Financial Fitness 101
This seminar allows you to discover simple, practical, well kept secrets regarding how to become debt free and gain financial freedom. We will explore tools for planned spending, eliminating debt,generous giving,  gaining control and removing financial stress.

Your money & Your mind
Do you understand your unique money blueprint? Although most of us are unaware of it, we each have a mindset regarding money, wealth and giving. Begin to understand this mind-money relationship so you can move forward to a place of positive financial health and generosity.

Understanding the World of Credit & Debt
What do lenders think of me? Should I be using credit cards? Is there a way to improve my credit score? What is the difference between good debt and bad debt? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this practical 21st century topic.

Raising Financially Saavy Kids
Discover fun, age appropriate and practical ways to teach your children healthy financial habits that will last them a lifetime. This workshop will help you develop children with sound financial sense and a spirit of generosity.

What does the Bible really say about Money, Debt, Wealth & Giving?
For those interested in a Biblical perspective, Deborah and Brian will explore passages to help clear up misconceptions you might have and give you principles that relate to the timeless topics of spirituality, money & finance.

“My life is changing again!!” Embracing Life’s Transitions
Career, parenting, cultural and relationship transitions…they happen to us all. Why not thrive in, rather than merely survive through, these opportunities that come our way? In a humorous and candid manner, Deborah shares her life experiences growing up overseas to help you learn to move forward, rather than cringe back, during inevitable times of transition.

“I’m Feeling Stuck…Can somebody help me?”
A life of passion, purpose and meaning is what we have all been created for and Deborah is passionate about helping you move forward to discover this life for yourself. You will begin to learn what hinders and blocks you from living the life you were created for.

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